Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is "Hardscaping" anyway?
A:  Hardscaping refers to the "hard" elements of your overall landscape.  This would be things like the walkway leading up to your house, or the wall around your garden or even the rock water feature in the backyard.  It's most often used to define the parts of your landscaping that isn't, well ... plants.

Q:  What is Permeable Paving?
A:  Permeable paving systems are alternatives to concrete and asphalt that allow water (rain) to pass through the surface and into the ground (or sometimes into a storage system) so that storm water runoff is reduced or eliminated.  It is often used in "critical area's" such as watersheds to control erosion and pollution and may help homeowners to meet impervious surface requirements while allowing for the desired use of their property.

Q:  How much do you charge for a .....?
A:  I estimate each job separately.  There are many variables such as ease of site access,  type of materials to be used, haul distances etc. etc.  You'll get a much better estimate if I do a site survey than just a "phone  quote".

Q:  Why do you have an MHIC License for this type of work?
A:  Maryland law says that to sell home improvements (that includes landscaping, driveway and other residential work) I must have a valid MHIC license.  It protects you from unscrupulous contractors and it brings money into the state coffers.

Q:  Why should I care if my contractor has an MHIC License?
A:  There are a lot of people working without a license or insurance.  What happens if they damage your property?  Will they fix it?  What will you do if they start the job (usually after taking some "up front" money) and don't finish?  Dealing with licensed and insured contractors protects you and your interests. 

Q:  I enjoy DIY projects and was thinking of adding a patio in the back yard.  Can I get you to do the prep and I'll install the pavers?
A:  Sure!  We can discuss just how much of the project you'd like to do and I'll take care of the rest.  I did lots of DIY projects too, maybe you'll like it so much that you'll start your own company!

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